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A guy who has a very young and cute looking face. Like a guy with a twelve year old face on a 20 year old body.
Jason has such a babyface that they card him for cigarettes even though he's 28.
by Nika April 12, 2005

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A girl who is attractive in all aspects, except her face. (sept-her-face). Like a girl with a hot bod, but ugly face. See also butterface
From the back, Jen looked hot, but when she turned around it was clear she was a septer face.
by Nika April 18, 2005

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A hemroid so big it pops out your anus and has thousands of black speckles looking like fleas
Johnny tried to lift up 1000 pounds of meat and popped out a flea muffin
by Nika November 17, 2003

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the narcotic cocaine
I like cadillac the hard way.
by Nika April 10, 2005

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