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A thin bread stick dipped in chocolate, sometimes other flavors, quite popular in Japan.
Hey, are you hungry? I have some pocky in the cupboard if you need a snack.
by Newbia May 03, 2004

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Information on something, usually a person or event.
After this commercial break, we'll give you the 411 on the hip new singer, Bangle.

Where can I get the 411 on Katherine? She's totally cute, I want to get to know her better.

The newspaper gave me the 411 on the bombings. Now I know what really happened.
by Newbia June 26, 2004

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A controversial movie directed by Mel Gibson that came out in 2004. It is about the last twelve hours of Jesus Christ's life.
This shows the different views on this movie:

Christian Guy: Did you see The Passion Of The Christ? I loved it, was uplifting and now I love God more than ever.

Not-Religious Guy: I hated it, it was too bloody.

Aethiest: I didn't like it because it's just stupid Christians scaring children into being Christian.

Guy Who Does Not Exist: I'm pretty nuetral about the movie.
by Newbia May 31, 2004

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An overweight Star Wars fan from Quebec. He taped himself pretending to fight a lightsaber battle (every time I try to see it I'm redirected grrr) which is supposed to be so bad it's funny. Some of his "friends" uploaded the video to the net. Soon 5 million people saw him. Oh dear.
Well, I may be embarrassed but I'm totally famous.
by Newbia April 26, 2004

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A form of government in which the head of goverment (a King or Queen) inherits the title.

Absolute Monarchy is where the King or Queen has absolute power and can do what he wants.

Constituitonal monarchy is when the King shares power with Parliament and must follow the rules of the constituition.

Originally, thousands of years ago, monarchy was so that one guy could control all and everyone would know who succeeded him. This way, there were no fights between people over things like laws or taxes because only one person decided that, and no fights over who would succeed him because it was his child. Unfortunately in many cases (I won't say most because that is an opinion) the ruler wasn't suited for the job and there were fights anyway. Because of this many countries either changed to Democracy or changed to Constitutional Monarchy.
Absolute Monarchy: Louis XIV of France. Now obsolete.

Constitutional Monarchy: The current government of England.
by Newbia May 30, 2004

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A channel on TV devoted to showing animated shows. During the day these shows are aimed at children. Later on you get a slightly older crowd and a lot of anime. Starting at 11 each night (except Fridays) you have adult swim, which is a block of programming devoted to animated shows targeted at the 14+ category.
Cartoon Network is a pretty good channel. It is better than Nickelodean (though I still think Nick's good) and adult swim is the best.
by Newbia September 01, 2004

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To try and convince someone to make whatever they are selling a lower price. They'll suggest a price, you'll suggest a lower one, and each of you keep on suggesting prices until you are willing to pay.
"The boat is $1000."

"I'll pay you 500."



"Deal! Pay me $700 and the boat is yours."
by Newbia June 23, 2004

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