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A once great tv network in the 1990s geered towards kids from ages 3 to 14, now a very pathetic network that airs only shows about little girls who have everything and never get into trouble because they are geered toward emo teens and sluts, like new Disney now, but only much worse!

And don't believe that myth made by kids who weren't old enough to remember old nick that the old shows were as much crap as the new ones because they're just mad they have to grow up on crap like icarly and zoey 101.
Newnickkid: Did you watch the new episode of (insert new nick show)?

Oldnickkid: No, because everything on nickelodean is crap and only sluts and emos watch new nick

Newnickkid: (begins sobbing) nooooooo!

Oldnickkid: yessssssssssssss!
by abeman09 December 13, 2009
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When you are having sex and when the beat to nickelodean comes on and you jizz on the female just as the orange nickelodean splash pops on the screen, it takes skill and perfect timing.
Guy: hey babe im gonna nickelodean tonight, cool?

Female: ok, but make sure you time it right this time and end it when when it actually says nickelodean... Not when rugrats comes back on.
by V.r.d. 619 December 28, 2011
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