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A spam letter that says if you don't send this letter to X number of people within X number of minutes something bad will happen to you. If you do send it then something good will happen to you (despending on what kind of chain letter it is)
1.Post this on ten other message boards and your wish will come true! Proven!

2.If you don't e-mail this to ten other people you will have bad luck for the rest of forever.

3.Proven! Send this to ten other people and you WILL be in trouble!
by Newbia April 26, 2004

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1)I am going to hurt and/or kill you.

2)You don't have much time before you get into big trouble.
"Your days are numbered," growled the henchman, taking out a knife.

When Robby broke the vase, he knew his days were numbered and that his mother would be very angry at him.
by Newbia June 02, 2004

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Character on Teen Titans TV show. All episodes concerning him were written when the writers were extremely high. Bizarre, but amusing. Probably insulting to British people.
Come here, my duckies!
by Newbia December 29, 2004

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When you have to do something, and in order to finish it faster you leave some parts out. This is usually negative and associated with cheating.
The history report was due on Monday so Maya cut corners by leaving out the time line.

Robert was supposed to run around the entire track but he cut corners by taking a shortcut and not going around the corners. (I believe this is where the term is derived from)
by Newbia May 29, 2004

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1.A word that is inserted randomly into a sentence. Most people use it just because they're used to it, even some English teachers, and they won't use it when writing but will say it without meaning to. It used to be what you said instead of "um" but not people are so used to it they say,"Like, um..."

2."so I was all like" means "I said"
1.So I went to the mall and there was this, like, really cute shirt. And I, like, asked how much it cost.

2.So the guy was all like,"You should use proper english and say 'I said'," and I was like,"Don't, like, tell me how to talk..."
by Newbia April 26, 2004

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Any hentai that deals with girl getting raped by aliens with tentacles. It is named after a famous hentai film featuring tentacle rape.
One story claims that urotsukidoji became popular because it was illegal in Japan to show an uncensored penis. However, the law said nothing about uncensored tentacles. I'm not sure if this is true or not.
by Newbia December 29, 2004

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Movie star, notably for Thirteen and the voice of Elastigirl in The Incredibles.
Elastigirl is my favorite character. She has such a cool voice!
by Newbia December 29, 2004

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