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History: Emo originates from Punk bands in DC with an "emotional moment" and evovled into a full culture.

Emo Music

Old and Original: Dashboard Confessional, Embrace, Rites of Spring, Sunny Day Real-Estate


Emo fashion consists of tight jeans of blue and gray. Dyed black hair and sometimes with highlights of neon color. Beaten up converse shoes. Lip piercings. Eyeliner. Thick-rimmed glasses.

Truths and False

Myth: Emos are cutters
Truth: Seriously? Wow. Cutting has been around before emo existed. "Preppies" can cut, adults can cut. Cutting is a serious problem as bad as alcholism and drug abuse, but cutting is not emo, and not all emos cut. If you cut, go get help.

Myth: Emos are fags
Truth: Emos now a days are mostly teens, and apart of the teenage years, its a time of discovery, inluding sexuality discovery. But not all emos are bi-curious.

Myth: Emos are bitchy and emotional
Truth: It may be so sometimes, but emo people are usually more introspective and sensitive, some could be angsty and depressed all the time, but its never right to judge a group based on one person's personality.


Now a days, emo has been attacked several times. The truth is, many kids who are "emo" now a days are just looking for an excuse to be a bitch and asshole. Cutters are often labeled emos, and that is not what emo stands for.

A new breed called scene kids emerged. Emos and scene kids are very different. Emos are introspective, and sensitive, scene kids are myspace and mainstreamers with a lolita element.

Emo Terms and Interest

Converse shoes: Even if its mainstream, its so emo.

Poetry: Teenagers rejoice! Emos often express themselves through music and poetry.

Guitar: An emos best friend. jk


Emo is about being introspective and open to the world of teenage age. Its not about being sad or being a cutter.
An emo goes to a thrift store
A scene kid goes to hot topic
An emo has a bad day, and writes something
A scene kid bitches on myspace
by Negasable May 4, 2008
Gothic literature: Literature primarily about horror and romance, and includes supernatural and victorian themes.

Writers: Edgar Allen Poe, Anne Rice

History: Goth can be traced back to victorian ages. But it was launched in the UK by punk bands like Siouxsie Sioux who began wearing bondage clothing and topics of victorian age and gothic literature and art and more intelligent thoughts.

Goth Music: Music including dark atmospheres.

Examples include and genres:

Post Punk: Siouxsie Sioux, The Cult
Goth Rock: Clan of Xymox, London After Midnight, The Cure, Bauhaus
Deathrock: Christian Death, 45 Grave, Frank the Baptist, Alien Sex Fiend
Dark Cabaret: Voltaire, Emilie Autumn
Gothtronic: Anders Manga, Gary Numan, Blutengel

Genre's and bands that aren't goth.

Marilyn Manson, AFI, Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, KoRn, Type O negative, HIM.

Any form of metal music

Gothic metal, and death metal, are not goth.

Most likely if its mainstream, its not goth.


There are many kinds of gothic fashion. But the basic things are boots, mostly dark attire, pale skin, hair that isn't brown. The "do it yourself" is a heavily emphasized part of the culture. Check gothic tribes for more detail.

General Pieces: Fishnet, Black nail varnish, colored hair, dark eyeliner, leather, metal (steel), buckles, bondage pants, hobble skirts, dress shirts, ties, top hats, red lipstick, black lipstick, dress shoes, combat boots.

Truths and False.

From the point of goth creation, its been morphed many times. Goth has been hit by many different accusations such as violance and satanic rituals.

Myth: Goths are violent
Truth: Its wrong to accuse a whole group based on one person's action, so its a maybe. But goth does not support violence.

Myth: Hot topic is goth
Truth: No, hot topic is a coporation. Goth originates from punk, and punk has emphasized on anti-corporation/government. In short terms, hot topic markets for mass appeal and attention, so no its not.

Myth: Goths are satanic.
Truth: Although many arts can depict vampires and death, even Satanist do not stand for evil or harm to others. Some goths could be satanic, but goth has no real links between satanism. Most goths are secular, but some are religious.

Myth: Goths have tattoos and piercings from head to toe.
Truth: Some have them, some don't.

Myth: Goths are sad
Truth: Not all of them, sure goth emphasizes the darker things in life, but not all of them are sad people, normal people can be sad, sadness is an emotion, emotions make you human. And goths are human.

Myth: Goth is nothing but a clique.
Truth: This is apart of the "morphing and warping". Goth was never centered around excluding others or trying to be different. Like many counter-cultures, its about being yourself and doing what you like, yet has similar interest and beliefs. Being goth isn't pidgeon holing yourself. Pidgeon holing is when you take someone's belief and claim it as your own.

In the mainstream

Even though goth isn't mainstream, there are some mainstream things that are gothic.

Mainstream Things

Movies: The Crow, Queen of the Damned, Interview with a Vampire
Books: The Vampire Chronicles
Music: The Cure

Goth Tribes

Although there are no "rules" in goth that someone must follow, there are a particular scene.

Victorian Goth AKA Romantigoth: Goths with a touch of victorian age in their life such as dress shirts, capes, cloaks.

Interest: Renaissance, Medieval age, Paganism, Occult,

Mallgoth: Probably the biggest uproot in the mainstream, but not goth even though mostly judged as goth. Without judgment on the individuals personality, a mallgoth is someone who has no knowledge of goth history, and labels bands like Marilyn Manson and Slipknot as goth, and shops at hot topic. Usually in the teen era.

Interest: Hot topic, metal, alternative rock,

Cyber Goth AKA Rivethead: A mix between cyber culture with goth elements and appearence. Usually baggy pants and neon with cyber like hair. Has more of an interest in EBM and Industrial Bands.

Interest: Dancing, cyber culture, technology

Fetish Goth: A goth with an interest in bongage and takes BDSM fashion and lifestyle.

Interest: Bondage, PVC, fetish material.

Deathrocker: A goth with an interest in deathrock, horror punk and psychobilly music. Fashion wise fishnet and torn dark clothing with combat boots.

Interest: Deathrock, Psychobilly, DIY fashion.

Elder Goth: A goth who has been around since goth creation or a goth over 40.

Vampire Goth: I'M A VAMPIRE!!! LOL

Goth-Related Terms and People

The Batcave: A club in England where goths have met since its creation

Columbine: A violent shooting that presented the first so called "goth violence" (NOTE: shooters were not goths)

Rozz Williams: The frontman of Christian Death, who founded american goth, and founded the Deathrock genre.

Siouxsie Sioux: The godmother of Goth, one of the first post-punk/goth bands that influenced bands later on.

Dinah Cancer: The frontwoman of 45 Grave, one of the first deathrock bands. "The Queen of Deathrock"

Bela Lugosi: Not a goth, but played and had a cult following in his horror movies, even after death.

Personality: There is no "rule" of personality, but most goths are open minded, witty, anti-prejudice, deep, quiet and artistic.

Don't judge a group based on one person's action, were all different, but similar sometimes.


Goth is a culture that emphasizes the darker, deeper and romantic sides of life that strays away from the mainstream and pays attention to individuality.
Goth: Hi
Person: Hi
Goth: I'm doing good.
Person: Lets have fun
Goth: Ok! :
by Negasable May 4, 2008
nail polish of the color black for nails.
Goth can use black nail varnish
Girls can use black nail varnish
Preps can use black nail varnish
Manson can use black nail varnish
So what?
by Negasable May 4, 2008
A chain store that tries to sell underground culture (goth, emo, punk fashion) in a mainstream environment. They are poseurs because they try to market underground culture to the mainstream, and underground culture is meant to be outside the mainstream.
Hot topic=mainstreamers
Hot topic=scam teens
Hot topic=wannabe underground store
by Negasable January 5, 2008
the emo emotion is what many TRUE emos have. Its a part where their logical and rational side diminishes and lets their emotions run them. The emo emotion is not just emo kids but is also apart of some people who have disorders later.
Emo 1: *sob*
Kid 1: God what a whiny little emo bitch. All they do is whine all of em!
Goth1: No, he has emo emotion.
by Negasable May 26, 2007