A person (usually a teenager,) who tries to follow with the new pseudo-goth trends (usually the ones they pick up at the mall) and try to show it off like it's some sort of uber-fucking evil religion.
Hot Topic is the mallgoth's place of worship. I don't recommend going there on weekends when schools out.
by TekFox September 24, 2003
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Yuppy teens (or real stupid adults) that try too hard to look unique at the mall. But fail miserably since their mallgoth culture is manufactured as the alternative culture for those who act cynnical towards rap and pop, spawning a legion of pale faced losers and making Hot Topic rich.

Ironically Marilyn Manson, their God, is a marketed popstar as well.

Mallgoths lack knowledge about tr00 black metal and real goths, who were nomads during ancient times. They think you just have to listen to Marilyn Manson and shop at Hot Topic to be "unique" and "depressed".

At the mall (which they practically live in), they complain about everything, even about how commercial the mall is.
The mallgoth was depressed that his mommy didn't buy him a new over priced trench coat at Hot Topic so he locked himself up in his black room and listened to Marilyn Manson all day.
by Jose Angeles April 24, 2004
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Trendy kids who believe that they are "goths" when they have no understanding of the scene. Typically have baggy jeans, black dyed hair and trendy band t-shirts. Often associate their knowledge of HIM (who are a good band nonetheless) with connection to underground, when they have no real knowledge of real gothic music. While these people are often worthless as human beings, they can often be hot, and easily persuaded to do whatever you want them to for attention, particularly if they think you are "evil". They are also fun to scare the shit out of if you have an understand of real goth/black metal culture.
I have personally scared a mallgoth into a preppy by showing them a Countess album.
by TheSanityAssassin November 3, 2004
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a bunch of kids who make Korn and Marilyn Manson look dumb.......dumber than the look on TRL.
That mallgoth is wearing a korn shirt i have.......now im gonna take it back.
by Mike June 1, 2004
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They think they're Goths and sadly so do other people including even Metalheads.
They wear Hot Topic clothing and coincidentally they listen to music like Slipknot, Korn, H.I.M, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir (I still like them though), Rob Zombie, Marylin Manson, Mudvayne, lots of Nu-Metal in general and then some real Metal too (mostly older stuff) and they think their "Metal" music is Goth. They're probably worse than this "Emo" trend because they actually think they're Goth or Metalhead and so do other people; there's probably more of them than there are real Goths.
Guy wearing a Slipknot shirt with dyed hair and baggy pants: I'm a Goth \m/

Me: *mallgoth* quietly
by rkfs September 21, 2007
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a mallgoth also known as a "juggalo" is a wannabe goth, usually straight up white-trash. A typical mallgoth outfit consists of a poser band shirt(evanescence,Korn,HiM,Cradle of filth,insane clown posse etc.),skater shoes, tripp pants,studded belt a pentagram as well as eyeliner all over their face. They are the ones responsible for making Marilyn Manson look like a bad man, they misinterpret his lyrics and sometimes even shoot up schools in his name, Manson most likely never intended for this.

They do not listen to real gothic music, besides maybe the cure. Most of them have never heard of siuxsie & the banshees,Bauhaus,sisters of mercy, christian death,alien sex fiend,joy division or any of the other real goth band there are.

many claim to be "wiccan" this offends most pagans. they also love anime more than anything on earth... i could never find an explanation for this...
"I'm goth because I'm a wiccan who wears tripp pant,likes anime and listens to evanescence" - mallgoth

"really? who was the first goth band" - true goth

"um...uh... i cant tell you cause it's a goth only secret, i swore i wouldn't with my own blood" - mallgoth

"you mean you actually cut yourself cause you thought it would make you goth?" - goth

"um...yeah... Amy Lee told me too" - mallgoth
by wormwood macabre April 15, 2009
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retards, who live at the mall, and wear black, thinking that makes them Hardcore. They listen to Slipknot and swear by corey taylors poor attempts at true lyrical ecstasy. They wear the clothing of otherwise respectable bands, causiung those who actually enjoy the music of said bands, want to puke. They tend to say things that praise their own pitiful deaths yet, when faced with true death they shit themselves and begin to wimper "please don't kill me, i want to live!" They creat many misconceptions about real goths and in actuality most of them are just metal heads, with no lives.
i enjoy the company of my friend brian, despite the fact that he is kind of a mallgoth.
by Reverend Sexy September 6, 2004
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