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It is generally a catch all term for various forms of cottage industry or craft type clothing. Diy projects are usually hand made fashion clothing of original design. For example a diy t shirt may be made in a one-of-a-kind (sometimes referred to as OOAK) or limited edition, made of mixed fabric often using as the source popular fashion clothes altered by deconstructing and then reconstructing the original, altering the style and adding ribbons, zippers and trim.

Do it yourself fashion is further distinguished from mass produced clothing by its use of patches and embellishments to create one of a kind articles.Designs heavily based in the music industry are popular with the marked influence of punk fashion. The most radical versions are favored by the younger set while other less eclectic styles are worn by the older crowd. Disliking commercialism, many things are added by the individual crafter "by-hand". Because of the high emphasis on being an individual, creative people of all sorts try different ideas to make their fashion stand out from the crowd. Independant artists usually take great pride in their work, emphasizing wearability and their unique construction pattern. Many vend their line as both wholesale and retail, and also make custom creations upon request.
DIY comes in many flavors, and the various offshoots try hard to distance themselves from each other. Of course this means a wide selection of DIY clothing, and apparel that will appeal to one group may not appeal to another.

Examples of DIY fashion are 80s fashion, diy Indie, Lolita / Harajuku / Kawaii (cute), celebrity fashion, Cyber, fishnet & roller derby, gothic clothes, punk clothes, band shirts, clothing reconstruction, Industrial fashion, corsets, club wear or alternative; in dresses, shirts, leggings, skirts or jeans.
by Italia Watts March 03, 2008
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