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A really good-looking guy who is very irresistable and mysterious. He never says what he really feels, and is quite shy. But he can make you laugh and is really a fun guy to be with.
Hey, you are very much like a bjorn.
by nicbaxter May 13, 2010
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Noun. European sex symbol. Known for being suave, charming, and a big tease.
Americans pine for bjorn.
I want more of bjorn, more of the time.
by Ellen B. May 04, 2005
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A Bjørn is a person of unbearable coolness. Not a synonym for god, but a tier higher. A Bjørn usually walks all over Sammys. Also they are adept at musical comprehension and martial arts. Always spelled with a capital letter, to emphasise importance.
dude nr.1 "Wow, did you see that? Some dude just trod on a Sammy, shredded a wild solo and did Shaolin Mantis Kungfu on some other dude!"
dude nr.2 "It must be a Bjørn"
by John Smith the thirteenth April 23, 2009
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Blond hair, blue eyed male, totally hot!!! Musically talented, has a lot of emotion but hides it well. Sees people for what they really are dispite flaws.
by angelic_creature May 18, 2004
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A prince, a gentleman, a scholar, a protector...seeker of tiny doors...soulmate of Ava
Woman A: There is no such thing as the perfect man.
Woman B: Then you haven't met Bjorn!
by Princess Ava November 25, 2010
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Deriving from swedish and islandic, the Name Björn originally meant 'bear'.
Nowadays it's often used as a synonym for a horny gentlemen, meaning someone who will keep his and your secrets, be truly loyal, honest, caring and a really good lover.
OMG! Björn boned me all night with his huge cock until we had to stop because the neighbours complained about the noise.
by mirwell June 13, 2013
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