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A man whose hobby it is to sniff the bicycle seats of females.
Guy 1: My hobby is to sniff the bicycle seats of females
Guy 2: Quirper!
by Nasty May 13, 2004

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Lead singer and music & lyrics composer for New York City band (and "my babies"), The Strokes. My words won't do justice to Julian's goodness, but, bah, let's try:
He is incredibly beautiful, but not only with looks; his attitude is 'a la fois' "fuck off" and "give me a hug, im hammered as hell"
ah, jules, i would streak down broadway to have the chance to meet that absloute SWEETHEART.
Julian Casablancas went over to the side of the stage where Nick was performing his solo, and gave him a huge kiss on the cheek; SPREAD THE LOVE!
by nasty January 03, 2004

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To masturbate. Comes from the way someone shakes their hand while rolling a dice.
That bitch Donovan loves to roll the dice.
by Nasty November 24, 2003

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A very sexy Minecraft player who has an extremely large penis.
Man, you have a very large NaStyBaCoN.
by NaSty October 14, 2014

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to take something without reason or purpose, except simply to steal it
"is this yours? SNIGGIFIED. it's mine now."
by nasty April 09, 2005

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Filling someone's bath tub with a few inches of water and taking a dump. Alternative to an upper decker Usually reserved for someone who has pissed you off.
I was at an awful party and had a disagreement with the host. Realizing I might have been out of line I thought I would leave him a gift, so I left him a sea bass.
by nasty February 23, 2005

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bits of pot
awwwww shit nigga, i spilled all my nugs
by nasty August 26, 2003

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