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Being alone without any regrets, sadness, or depression. Not to be confused with "loneliness," where you are by yourself but long for the companionship of others.
Nicholas stayed at his mountain retreat in complete solitude. He was happy with his life.
by NarooN January 07, 2010

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Random moments in movies and games where something loud and crazy happens out of nowhere, usually causing the viewers to "jump" out of excitement/fear.

Usually makes little kids and pre-teen girls crap themselves with little effort.
Guy 1: "Did you see that new movie, 'Generic Horror Flick 2'?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, it was pretty shitty. There were jump scares every two nanoseconds."
by NarooN May 31, 2011

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Originally coined by God when he choke-slammed Satan to what is now known as Hell.

To tell someone to "sit the fuck down" is to rub-in a victory of any proportion.
*Chuck just won a game of poker against some poker champion*

by NarooN November 25, 2009

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Phrase said by Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. He used it as a taunt against an Android in mid-battle. Basically is a great way to troll friends, enemies, and strangers alike.
Dave: Aw man, my girlfriend dumped me
Chuck: SAD FOR YOU!!!
Dave: She said she had sex with you
by NarooN November 26, 2011

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Sarcastic phrase said at the end of a statement. Usually the statement in question was said solely to piss off or troll someone else, hence "problem" being added to the end. A great tool to annoy others.
Henry: "Who the hell took a dump in my ice cream?!"
Chuck: "Maybe it was me. Problem?" *trollface*
by NarooN October 05, 2011

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In online gaming, when the player who hosted the room or server has the upper hand due to him having no network lag to himself since he hosted the server.
Host advantage on COD4: In COD4, a knife only match is easy for the host to pwn in since there's no lag. Anyone else that's not perfectly connect will be lucky to even score a hit on the host.
by NarooN September 03, 2008

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Phrase coined in 2006 by Dimitri Williams of Oakdale.

Used to imply someone is about to get or already is getting their hypothetical ass annihilated, kicked, whooped, beaten, or simply owned.
Dimitri was frying your bacon out the ass last night.
by NarooN November 28, 2009

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