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A mumbled phrase that is quietly uttered by someone displaying semi-humourous mild displeasure or minor annoyance.

Probably inspired by animated dog anti-hero Muttley. His annoyance at never being awarded a medal in Catch The Pigeon was displayed by a similar sulky outburst.
Nap: "Morning gorgeous, do you fancy coffee in bed?

Jo: "Awww good shit babe - that'd be super-spunky! Waaah - I've got no milk though!

Nap: "No probs honey, I'll nip out and pick some up from the shop... schnickenrickenfracken..."
by Nap August 11, 2004

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The acronym for the multi-purposed phrase 'Fuck that weak shit'.

Currently gaining popularity with on-line chat users and text messagers everywhere.
Anon: B gd 2 c u sumtime m8
Nap: You can only communicate via text-talk? FTWS! See ya never.

Anon: Hey did you see who won best British band at the NME awards?
Nap: What? The awards as sponsored by Shockwaves hair products, because image is more important than anything else? FTWS!
And shame on you for thinking I'd be interetsed. In fact, I'm dying of disinterest as I type... quick, call me an ambulance.

Anon: I'm really gutted that I can't make it tomorrow, but work is so frikkin' manic right now.
Nap: FTWS! Pull a sickie...

Anon: I'm a bit worried because I've just passed a very pale, soft, limp stool. What do you think I should do?

Nap: FTWS!
by Nap February 27, 2008

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A deliberately juvenile word used to mock someone less fortunate or who you have just 'got one over' on.
Nap: "Hey! I've got a great new mobile phone!"

Jo: "Yeah? Well I have bigger boobs, nerr!"

Nap: "But I'm a bloke!"

Jo: "Yeah? Ya Mum!"
by Nap July 30, 2004

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The unfortunate stain left on a carpet when someone attempts to enter a room where two lovers are going for it like good 'uns... and coitus is suddenly interrupted at the critical moment.
Jo: "Ewwww... the J-spot isn't drying up at all."

Nap: *shame faced* "Sorry honey."

Jo: "Don't be, one day we will look back and laugh."

Nap: "Yeah? Ya reckon?"

Jo: "Hmmm... we'll see... darn those lil love stains to Hull!"
by Nap August 04, 2004

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Semen... hot, salty semen.
Gimme some of that Buttered Nap Seed... now!
"Nap - will you please pass me the tissues so I can wipe that Hot Buttered Nap Seed from under my right boob? Thanks babe. I love you by the way..."
by Nap July 19, 2004

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usually left behind when a terd is left on the floor and is slid on like a bannana peel.
The shit smear left by Mike's foot is about two meters long.
by nap July 29, 2004

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