A sexual technique / practical joke.

For a male to pull his own rod and shoot his load on someone. This male must be stationed by a window ledge, on a bridge, on a tree or basically any height by which innocents may pass. On the point of ejaculation, said male must aim his spray at a passer-by, creating a similar scenario to a pigeon crapping on this passer-by. When the passer-by looks up, instead of finding a snarsy, giggling pigeon, they will instead find a dangling penis and ballsack and potentially an extra drop or two.

*Note* This can also become a couples event. As long as the partner has a steady hand and understands the tempo at which the "shooter" likes to masturbate at.
Passer-by (To self): "awww, not a pigeon crap, on my new Armani suit! I've got an important international business meeting in a minute. (Looking up into the tree he is passing)

Naked tree-man: "You just hit with The Pigeon BITCH!"

Passer-by: "You don't mean to tell me this is semen? Oh SHIT, OH SHIT"
by ThePatientPigeon March 28, 2010
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Tracking someone’s life and their career, academic, and intellectual pursuits in order to copy them or seize them
Boris keeps pigeoning me because he wants to get into Dartmouth!
by Dorgenrorgen January 1, 2020
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Synonymous with peasant. A pigeon is a label used to describe a male in which a female does not, and will never, take seriously. A pigeon, just like a peasant, is automatically disqualified & forgotten about the moment they're classified as a pigeon.
1. Tell that pigeon to get lost.

2. Can you just ask that pigeon yourself?

3. For Christs sake Mindy, leave that pigeon alone!

4. Just let him flock with the rest of the pigeons.

5. What a pigeon!

6. He was quite the pigeon.

7. I'm never dating another pigeon like him again (*dates another pigeon*).

8. What do I gotta do for this pigeon to stop hitting me up?!
by KimberlyDee June 19, 2020
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Wearing your Fitbit around your ankle (like a ringed pigeon) and wiggling it while sitting at your desk, in order to increase your step count.
I don't feel like going for a walk, so I'll be pigeoning today to reach my step goal.
by neverkino October 12, 2020
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The art of stalking and catching pigeons for entertainment. Usually done at night in major cities across the world,can be done sober but generally while being extremely drunk.
That man is a top shelf pigeoner! he can catch a pigeon with relative ease. the more intoxicated he is the more entertaining it is for those lucky enough to see this talent first hand..
by pigeoncatcher October 16, 2011
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