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A rag that can be worn in different styles on your head,mouth area and neck.Popular with street gangs,most of them wear a bandana with the tie to the front,or around there mouths.Bandanas are restricted in schools because it is a sign for gangs,and can be used as a weapon(strangle holding,and whipping).
My favorite type of bandana is a black one.
by NYCLOC September 10, 2005

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A line that goes around the foot on a dark skinned person(Spanish,Black,Indian,tanned white person).The top of the foot is dark,and the bottom is lighter,which forms a line on the side of the foot.
That girl looks great wit da light line.
by NYCLOC September 05, 2005

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a rapper for bayside,queens new york.he has the most retarded songs ever made,and cant do anything without ashanti and r kelly.ja rule has only 1 ok cd out of 14,which is R.U.L.E.ja rule got mad beef with 50 cent,and cant make anymore music cause 50 whooped his ass big time.
ja rule is a rapper.
by NYCLOC September 13, 2005

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A white boy rapper that is considered "Americas Greatest Rapper".Dr Dre produced him and Eminem produced 50 Cent.His raps suck dick,his beats sound like shit and he uses SO MUCH profanity,he got booed off stage one time.He is known to make disses to people that are way better then him,and cant even make a song thats at least 2 minuits.Eminem is responsible for all the wiggers today,and the crackers glorify him.
Eminem can suck my dick beeyotch!!!
by NYCLOC September 07, 2005

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