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A celebration on every Tuesday in June and August where buyers and partygoers get to buy Tarzan DVDs and other stuff, watch Tarzan videos, and even make Tarzan vines, alongside other things!
by MrWhomstDVe February 28, 2020
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The urges of a male person to engage in sexual activity, for which you could be punished to any extent. Short form, TBUs. Coined in a preview of an educational videocassette in "Bart's Friend Falls in Love," an episode of the Simpsons.
"Rabbits have throbbing biological urges."
by MrWhomstDVe February 15, 2021
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The kind of cartoon being that you'd love to be friends with. They can break the laws of physics for fun, can't die, come in animal and human forms, and reproduce by playing pattycake, which is like intercourse but safe.
Roger Rabbit: But I'm a Toon! Toons are supposed to make people laugh!
by MrWhomstDVe December 25, 2019
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The garbage that more than 50% of the definitions on this site have to do with.

Okay. Y'all have said garbage like this: "sex is fun! everyone should try it! it's part of nature! it's good for you!"
But whoever said that stuff is an idiot. Not you.
Guy: lEtS hAVe sex!!1!!!!11!1
Woman: kK.!

Me: Okay. If you say that again, so help me I will shove anesthetic in your mouth and slice your willy off in your sleep.
And for YOU, Ms. Eve, Chucky will shove his knife up your alley as well. That's gonna happen to you in a week.
by MrWhomstDVe August 10, 2019
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to take off ur clothes one by one, especially the horrifyin' parts like the bra / brassiere and the PANTIES........... what about the thong?
So, I just got a Valentine and a pretty girl named Brittany has come to SEDUCE the heck out of me...
Brittany, at the POOL: Well, you've seen me stripteasin' before, and you've had a nightmare about me since... care to join me in the bedroom?
Me: If I have another nightmare about that, I'll be forced to!! >:(
"Get to the bathroom" she whispered... she left the room. I had been in the boys bathroom, but then in that last one she was there in a terribly arousing outfit... Her legs were next to me. I took off her clothes. Her KNOCKERS were against my face. I moved my hands to her oof and I squeezed. She squeezed mine. She undid her bra, stripping for me, and I didn't move. She laughed, took my hands and put them on her.
Then, as I was forced to shove my crotch into hers, she was screaming with happiness. Repeatedly yelling out "OH YES!" in the process, I was shoving it as hard as I could. I had squirted into the hole, completely nude, and unfortunately I kept being forced to! I had screamed in agony, shrieking out in pain and praying to God it would never happen again!!!
I then started to get seriously enraged. My face turned a thermometer red, smoking out of my ears, and I had then decided I was so furious that I threw myself out of her hole and violently got her by the chest, covering her private parts.
"I've had it with this immoral activity! I swear to God if this happens again, I'll have the police barging into your house!! Got it?!"
i hate valentines day... ugh...
by MrWhomstDVe February 13, 2019
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A horribly sexist term for a girl that is used in hip-hop and rap, denoting the height differences of a female to a male. It is a demeaning term, like Polish "k**wa," and is never to be used in any context. For all I know, Drake was abusing everyone all along for this dog-waste. Don't even listen.
Why use shortie when you can just "TALLIE"
by MrWhomstDVe December 29, 2021
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Getting it on while watching a Shrek movie.
Let’s have Shrex after we get married!
by MrWhomstDVe June 27, 2020
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