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A Beth is one hot girl! She will make you smile like no other. She is worth all your time and undivided attention. She may not admit that she likes a man, but only because she has been hurt before. She is a sensitive soul and has been through a lot in her life. She will take your breath away with just a kiss. Beth can light up a room instantly as she walks into it. She has a heart of gold and eyes of an angel. If you find a Beth with hazel eyes (blue, green, yellow) take care of her! These Beth's are very rare and are amazing in the bedroom. If you know a Beth, you will know what we mean by 'she is a goddess.' Beth's are perfectly matched with a Thomas, Elliot or Nathan.
by Mr.KnowItAll April 08, 2012
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A class that is supposed to teach teens about the ins and outs (get it?) of sex, but often fails miserably at this goal. Often uses scare tactics to preach abstinance, even though a blind man could see through their propoganda. Also usually influenced by extreme christian (aka bible thumper) morals.
Sex Ed student: Dude, you wouldn't believe the bullshit they were preaching at sex ed.
Freind: What?
Sex Ed Student: They said that condoms fail 90 percent of the time!
Friend: That's BULLSHIT!
Sex Ed Student: I know!
by mr.knowitall September 20, 2007
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There are three main variations on Baptist.

1. The well adjusted baptist: Self explanitory. Lacks most of the defining characteristics of the other classes of Baptists. Well adjusted people who are pretty intelligent and usually rather proficiant in debate. In my experience, these people are few and far between. Are also more open minded to issues like gay marriage and abortion.

2. The nearly-hardcore baptist: A watered down version of the hardcore baptist. Are close minded and stupid. Can be found in places similar to Ansley Park in Atlanta. Close minded as all get-out, but they're not the type of people to go bomb a clinic, mainly due to the concern that they might get the blood of a sinner on their khakis.

3. The hardcore baptist: Total fucking retards. Owe more to the backwoods rapist from "Deliverance" than John The Baptist. The type of person who WOULD bomb an abortion clinic. See the film "Jesus Camp" for more info on this class of baptist.
1. A friend of mine is baptist. Doesn't mind that I'm open to all genders, and understands the need for abortion to be legal. He is a well adjusted baptist.

2. The people on my swim team. Reguraly ridicule me for being liberal, and refuse to come into contact with me, as they think I have some disease. They are semi-hardcore baptists.

3. The people who beat me up at a wrestling meet for saying evelution is more convincing than creationism. One of their moms later threatened me, too.
by Mr.knowitall November 03, 2007
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"Niggas Always Witit GANG" A notorious street gang located in southern California,
(sanbernardino county / Inland Empire)

NAW GANG is active in multiple cities in the IE.

The gang begin as a gang affiliated clicc in 2003 , consisting of gang members from LA to the IE . Soon the gang begin to spread and increase in numbers . Just a couple years later the street popular gang became recognised through out the IE , spreading through out the LA area. With a majority of INLAND EMPIRE representers.

the NAW GANGSTERS biggest rivals are the Ontario 4th street crips (fruit snacks) and the Rancho cucamonga kings (cookies & kream) ...Rialto Hustle sqaud clicc (homo sexuals)

multiple shootings and murders have been recorded between these gangs. So far, NAW gang has built a NATORIOUS reputation .
"them NAW GANG ni**as be turnt up"

"Have you seen the NAW gang video on youtube?"

"i went to school wit a few NAW niggas"
by Mr.KnowitALL February 07, 2013
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An extreme form of soccer mom found in Buckhead, hence the name. Often borderline-extremist baptists. Noted for their use of HEAVY makeup and their aversion to anything even remotely non-christian. Their kids fall into two categories.

1.The kids who blindly accept whatever their parents say. These people usually resort to violence against anyone who challenges their beleifs. (yes I'm speaking from experience)

2.The kids who relize that heir parents are full of shit, usually resulting in the kid becoming a burn, goth, revolutionary, or misanthropic writer/musician (and I don't mean emo kid by that.).

It should also be noted that coming into contact with these people for an extended period of time can produce the same results. Case in point: Me.
That bitch with 10 pounds of eyeshadow on and the oversized cross necklace is a Buckhead Betty.
by Mr.knowitall November 04, 2007
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