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An Ansley is typically a girl with a lot of heart. She's really funny and knows exactly what she wants. Always thinking of other people and usually very pretty.
Dang that girls perfect, must be an Ansley.
by Return November 17, 2017
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A girl so beautiful and radiant that the sun is jealous of her. A girl with such intelligence and superiority that even the most tenuous figures are jealous of her. A girl with such grace and elegance that the wind is jealous of her and her ability to move others. A girl who always knows what to say. A girl with the perfect mix of looks, personality and faith. A girl who puts her faith her family and her friends above everyone. A girl who fights for the ones she loves and stands up for herself. A girl who any guy is lucky to for she is one of those girls whose beauty is rare, it’s unknown. She carries herself gracefully and is an amazing catch. And is so easy to cause Jealosy for other guys for she is so easy to break hearts.
I wish I had an Ansley.

Look at Ansley, she’s the girl of my dreams.

One day, I hope to marry an Ansley.
by Chance Chung March 18, 2019
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Early Twenty First Century American woman's name meaning Beautiful Warrior Princess. She just as at home with antique firearms as she is at a tea party. She exhibits Laura Croft like qualities, and can sometimes be spotted riding a vintage motorcycle home from a ballet class.
1-I cant believe she went straight from winning the soccer game to being Prom Queen in the same day; she's such an Ansley! 2- Barbie's hero is Ansley! 3-IfChuck Norris was a hot girl he'd be an Ansley.
by AnsleysDad September 14, 2012
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a gorgeous girl with lots of guy friends that all love her and love her as a girlfriend. an ansley is also super sexy and has a nice body. most ansley's have lots of freckles!!
Damn that girl is super sexy, she must be an Ansley!!

Wow Ansley is so hot and has a nice bod!!
by jayjab November 26, 2012
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The absolute most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She’s very smart and really funny. She knows how to have a good time and although she may seem a little shy at first, if you get to know her better she will become very outgoing around you. If you get the chance to date an ansley, you’re the luckiest guy ever and should never let her go. She’s the most loyal and fun girlfriend ever and also your best friend.
Wow look at that girl! She must be an Ansley!
by It’s ya boi bob April 05, 2019
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The one beautiful girl everyone desires. Ansley is perfect! She's also a freak in bed, and loves to have sex but only with certain people. She's a sex master. Anyone lucky to have an ansley!!
She's stunning she must be an ansley!
by kayla00001 February 10, 2015
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