50 definition by Mr. Twinkieface

Not autistic.
When someone or something is the immature third grader definition of autistic but not actually autistic.
That’s so notistic!
by Mr. Twinkieface January 04, 2021

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Something one used to want a lot but is now over it.
Mom: Should I get you that fancy gaming computer you said you wanted?

Me: Nah, that's just another Eli's cock.
by Mr. Twinkieface January 02, 2021

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When you poop in a spiral shape so it creates a disc similar to a hockey puck.
Join the Poop Pucks Plan today!
by Mr. Twinkieface January 01, 2021

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The least racist possible version of the N word.

Change it to niggardly so it just means stingy. -> niggardly
Remove one G so it's Niger (a country rather than a slur). -> nigardly
Add a K to the beginning so it's no longer the N word. -> knigardly
Remove the R so it's the soft R version. -> knigadly
Change the G to a B so it's nibba. -> knibadly
What's up, my knibadly?
by Mr. Twinkieface December 26, 2020

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Into traps and actual girls, but not normal boys.

Traps are not the same as trans women, by the way.
Eli is bi for girls. That means he likes traps, but not boys.
by Mr. Twinkieface December 25, 2020

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A particularly phallic creeper.
Person: What's wrong?
Guy: A stupid massive creepis blew up my house.
Person: Oh...
Guy: It felt super gay.
by Mr. Twinkieface December 04, 2020

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The word Purple Shep says instead of “ugly.”
The floor is blue but it is a weird oo-ogly shade of blue.
by Mr. Twinkieface January 01, 2021

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