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word that will get u fired...even though it doesn't mean anything offensive
I said niggardly and then i had to apologize...because my boss doesn't have a strong grasp of the english language
by johnstamos69 April 28, 2005
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An from old Norse "hnΓΈgger", which means "miserly", "stingy". Despite its similarity to the offensive term "nigger", the two words are not related in any way. Stop jumping to conclusions and open the dictionary.
English buff- "Boy that gentleman at the picnic sure was niggardly."

Ignoramus- "You said "picnic" and "niggerly"! Racist!"

English Buff- "*Sigh*! "Picnic" is from a French word that refers to what we'd call a pot luck, and "niggardly" is from an old Norse word that means "stingy". They have nothing to do with race!"

Ignoramus- "Racist!"

English Buff- "*Sigh*..."
by Lorelili September 20, 2007
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Niggardly is an adjective to describe a person who wont lend you a dime, even if you need it to live. Miserly.
Wow, my niggardly best friend wouldn't give me $350 even though he has thousands, and no bills.
by coreytheguy April 22, 2011
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Word that will get you beat up, even though there's no racial meaning.
I told a stingy and miserly African-American co-worker who refuses to donate to charity that he shouldn't be so niggardly and then he beat me up because he was too ignorant to know the meaning of the word.
by Orange County California February 01, 2015
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