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1. A side-effect of chronic cocaine use, causing your mouth to clamp stuck.

2. A girls mouth getting locked open after giving a blow job for an extended time.
"I took way to much coke and now I have lockjaw"

Guy #1 "Aye bro I gave Jessica and Tammy lockjaw last night"
Guy #2 "Damn son"
by Veni Vedi Veci September 07, 2016
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refering to and/or caused by a person giving another person hed; they are usually in the position so long that there jaw just kinda gets stuck hanging open and will not shut for a series of hours
Quit sucking my dick. You're going to get lock jaw.
by Ben fuckermother August 26, 2003
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When you are eating pussy and you have been at it so long that your jaw and your mouth begin to cramp up.
I ate Jodi's pussy for so long that I started to get lock jaw!
by GoatPeople September 18, 2009
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1. difficulty or pain in opening ones mouth due to a medical condition, injury, or infection

2. an upper class accent
If you keep chewing your nails like that you could get lockjaw.
by The Return of Light Joker April 03, 2008
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When high on ecstasy
your jaw locks up from grinding your teeth
Lisa got lock jaw when she was on E
by L. April 20, 2005
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Lock jaw or tetanus(correct spelling lockjaw) is where your jaw locks in an open position due to your chewing muscles spasming. You can get it by a wound that gets infected with it.
I got bit by a dog and was afraid i met get lockjaw so i had to get a tetanus shot.
by Red Dog July 29, 2005
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