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DDPT: Double "D" Pancake Titties.

Breasts that are, of course, of outrageous size, but also have a gigantic areola, usually the size of a pancake.

They are normally considered to be completely disgusting, however recent research has shown in some cultures, DDPT's are considered as amazingly attractive.
So I slept with a girl last night, and she had some certified DDPT's, I almost puked when I saw them.
by Mr. Vice President October 10, 2007
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A group of gorgeous girls that are loving and deserve a lot!! They are iconic and hilarious, a privilege to be even known by them or friends with them
X: Those girls are so funny and so pretty and iconic

Y: Oh yeah those girls are part of DDPT

X: I wanna be friends with them!!
by Fuckk offf October 26, 2017
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