5 definitions by Mr. Rags

To create or limit, to demarcate. Easily the stupidist word in the English language, unless you count irregardless, which means regardless. Delimit means limit.
I delimited the amount of reading time I partook of each day.
by Mr. Rags September 17, 2005
A generic location which produces Bumble Fucks (A person who displays complete incompetency). A commen phrase for high schools in the middle of nowhere.
#1: Where's that asshole go to school?
#2: Probably Bumble Fuck Prep
by Mr. Rags March 23, 2006
Slang for Rednecks, originates from a mishearing of "These Hicks." Currently used to talk about hicks without them knowing what's going on.
Uh-oh, we've entered D6 territory, check out all the gun racks.
by Mr. Rags September 6, 2005
A Movie personality assumed to have some expertise in a given subject, but who is really just an academic flunky.
by Mr. Rags August 24, 2005
A TV personality that is supposed to be an expert on a given subject, but often lacks the credentials and reputation generally required to be successful in their respective fields.
Dr. Phil is such a telectual.
by Mr. Rags September 6, 2005