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The most elite of locomotive engineers. Others strive to be like D6, but don't have the skills. A group of friends that are bad ass and will defend each other no matter what!! A band of brothers.
I wish I was D6.
by D6 support June 20, 2014
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(D&Dspeak)A regular die (singular of "dice"); that is, it has six sides.
Player: How much damage does my weapon do?
DM: 3d6+4.
Player: ...How do you even say that out loud?
by takua108 September 04, 2007
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Slang for Rednecks, originates from a mishearing of "These Hicks." Currently used to talk about hicks without them knowing what's going on.
Uh-oh, we've entered D6 territory, check out all the gun racks.
by Mr. Rags September 06, 2005
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1)A person whose basketball skills would let them play Division 6 college ball

2) A person of diminuitive stature with an angry demeanor
That kid is terrible, he would be lucky to play D6 ball.


Wow that little guy has a real D6 complex.
by Team Cyclops May 21, 2008
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