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One of the finest carmel brown supermodels to ever come from North of the American border. I'd be her lawful wedded husband if she'd have me. Jessica Rabbit is her nickname, but Viagra with legs is more like it. She has appeared in almost every major hip-hop video in the last two years., including Usher's "Yeah!". If I were to die today, I'd like to be reincarnated as one of her favorite pairs of undies, or just a new molecule of her body.

Melyssa Ford is the true definition of a beatiful women inside out.

Melyssa for will be my wife one day if she'll have me
Melyssa Ford ain't bad, she was just made that way!

by Mr. Dwayne October 23, 2004
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A religion with the beliefs that all things were created from shit. And this thing called shit broke off into smaller pieces of shit to form galaxies and planets. Shit was created by the supreme turd Duda'h (The Mighty Doo Doo Turd)and its worshippers read from The Book of Duda'h about the awesome powers of the shit-turd. The Book of Duda'h teaches that The Mighty Doo Doo Turd communicated to chosen people through what is called a "Hawning" where The Mighty Doo Doo Turd births himself into living form in a host during defecation. Those people who do not believe in the powers of The Mighty Doo Doo Turd are anti-shittists.
The Shittist religion is the only true religion!!!!!!!!! All praise due to The Mighty Doo Doo Turd.
by Mr. Dwayne June 14, 2008
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A great entertainer who glorrified black music. He caused tyrades with women fans with the gyration of his hips (which were band from showing from the waste down on 50's tv due to its sexual conotations).

He starred in several movies and had one daugther.

Elvis's career declined in the 1960's as British rock took the scene. He did have a comeback attempt in 1968. During his later years he indulged in sex, drugs, more drugs, and banana and peanut butter sandwiches. His weight blew up to over 300.

He was rumored to wear more cologne no matter how much he smelled bad.

In August of 1977, he was found by his staff face down in the bathroom with a large amount of fecal matter potruding from his buttocks. The feces was broken away and he was turned over and administered CPR. He was pronounced dead 2 hours later.

He did not die of defecide (Dying while defecating) but yet by a massive heart attack induced by an impacted constipated colon filled with dozens of prescription drugs and fatty foods.

His home has been turned into a museum attracting some 40 million people annually.
Elvis mixed country and R&B together. He made the mainstream appreciate watered down black R&B music.
by Mr. Dwayne July 05, 2005
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One who does not accept the Mighty Doo Doo Turd (Duda'h) as his personal savior.
Anti-shittists try to redicule the shittist religion
by Mr. Dwayne June 14, 2008
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The designs or scriptured tatoos that women often get across the small of their backs or on the ass cheeks themselves. Something to read or look at while doing it doggy-style.
Johnny hooked up with Denise, a topless dances with many tatoos, and was reading the booty scriptures like he was a Pastor in the Church of Assology.
by Mr. Dwayne October 18, 2004
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One of the most beautiful throwback vehicles Chyrsler ever made. It's a shame they stoped making them. A beautiful car that would be a travesty to drive in a sub par part of town.
My prowler is the greatest investment to date, next to a 61' big screen tv.
by Mr. Dwayne October 21, 2004
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An old withering aroma associated with old men. It consists of farts that don't smell freshly rotten, funk that smells vintage 1969, dust, moth balls and urine. Often found in the homes and clothes.
Since old people tend to lack nutriance in their olden age, their smell seems to have a faded odor to it.
by Mr. Dwayne July 06, 2005
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