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How exactly does one suck a fuck?
"Go suck a fuck"
"How exactly does one suck a fuck?"
by Moses x August 13, 2006
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When nothing is making any noise. dead silence can be scary or akword so I recomend screaming at the top of your lungs, farting, saying a joke, or dancing in times like these.
dead silence=
paul "..."
steve "..."
Jerry "..."
tucker "..." (tucker starts dancing)
steve "holy shit, look at tucker dance, what a crack head."
by moses x August 04, 2006
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eating macaroni and cheese on top of crackers instead of with a spoon or fork.
Were going to go to my house to make some mac-n-crack.
by Moses x August 02, 2006
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A truely great power/speed metal band. people who don't respect them are usually the dumber (no offence) breed of metalheads. People who do respect them usually play instruments themselves or are metalheads with a true understanding and respect for music. Even if you don't like Dragonforce, you must respect Herman Li for his talent.
Dragonforce completely took the show at ozzfest and I think bands like Dragonforce, Sonata Arctica, and Cellador are the next step in metalution.
by moses x August 08, 2006
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The evolution of heavy metal. The genre of heavy metal that is the most popular for that given time period.
Heavy metal started with bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, ETC. Then metalution occorred to make a more glam period with bands like Motley Crue, and Whitesnake, that went through another metalution making bands like Metallica and Pantera popular. (it keeps going on)
by moses x September 12, 2006
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A word you use to get an animal or infant's attention. works best when either: said loud, said fast, said in a very high/low pitch sound, or said in dead silence.
mom "Jimmy, pay attention to me... Jimmy! suboomafoo mother fucker!"

Jimmy "wtf?"
by moses x August 04, 2006
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A group of pussies... Oh yeah, they write music too.
look at that emo band, your balls must be awefully small to fit in pants that tight.
by moses x August 05, 2006
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