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Omaha-Based Power Metal band.

Nothing special, really. Their guitar player Chris Petersen rips off many people. For example, he uses a Dragonforce vocal melody as a guitar melody on the song Forever Unbound (the intro to Forever Unbound is ripped from the Dragonforce song Valley of the Damned).
Chris also runs many effects through his amp to hide his sloppyness.

Their bassist is turned down really low to hide the fact that he can't play galloping triplet-based rhythms. That, and he also plays a 4-string bass and doesn't do any technical playing. I know bassists typically don't do anything technical, but he doesn't add licks or chops to any rhythms. Power Metal is about technical playing and the energy that comes with it, not dopey repetitiveness.

Their drummer has too many generic beats, thereby making the songs boring.

Their only redeeming factor is Bill Hudson, thereby making them somewhat decent. Notice how I lessened the effect of the word 'decent' by putting 'somewhat' in front of it.
I saw Cellador live a few times.... the first time I was impressed, because I hadn't ever listend to power metal. Now that I know my shit from my oatmeal, I can safely say that these guys are only acclaimed and known because they were in the right place at the right time.
by Disappointed Listener August 24, 2006
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