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The opposite of pray - to get off ones knees and take affirmative action to attain whatever it was you were praying for.
verb. Sally was flat broke and having spent weeks praying for money to no avail she decided to yarp for money. So she found a job ad in the paper, applied for it and a week later took home a pay check.
by Moschops June 30, 2013

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The most excellent, bestest part of Nottingham.
Ooh. Lenton?I'd love to live in that happening borough. All the best people live there.
by moschops April 01, 2003

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(n) A concept that is fundamentally flawed or just plain wrong.

A wrongcept is similar to a misconception but includes all concepts or beliefs that are incorrect or fundamentally flawed, not just those flawed because of faulty understanding. For instance many people belief things that are based on urban myths, and do so because they have incomplete or inaccurate information passed on others who failed to check their references.
Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano created concept art of liquor bottles in the style of baby bottles. Juxtaposing babies and liquor is a wrongcept.

Many people believe that a vomitorium was a room used by Romans for purging food during meals. It is actually the entranceway through which crowds entered and exited a stadium. The concept of Romans having a room to vomit in during meals is just plain wrong and not based on any sound information, it is a wrongcept.

Recent design concepts for mobile devices include translucent displays, completely ignoring the fact that between reflections and back-lighting they will render most information they display invisible. This concept makes no sense at all to anyone who has used a mobile device, it is patently flawed and a wrongcept.
by Moschops July 28, 2013

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Noun: fail-acy

An attempt to characterize an argument as a fallacy that is itself a fallacy. That is, a failed fallacy.
A comment on a Guardian article about Ayn Rand says simply:

"And Ayn Rand was the ultimate hypocrite, relying on the state that she so despised to look after her in her final years."

A reply to that comment claims:

"This is the Ad Hominem Tu Quoque fallacy. This fallacy is committed when it is concluded that a person's claim is false because
1) it is inconsistent with something else a person has said, or
2) what a person says is inconsistent with her actions."

However, the original commenter never claimed Ayn Rand's claims were invalid, merely that she was a hypocrite. Therefore the claims that this is an "Ad Hominem Tu Quoque" fallacy is a failacy in itself. At best the original argument is a simple ad hominem fallacy, an attack against her person vs the argument. At worst it is a simple statement of fact and therefore the "Tu Quoque" claim is a Straw Man fallacy - an attack against a mischaracterization of the opponent's argument.
by Moschops April 17, 2017

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That is a truly witty retort/pun/statement, that made me spurt coffee onto my monitor.
Heh! Class!
by moschops April 01, 2003

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A bucket-wielding buffoon. Internet cricket champion.
moschops stood in the rain, clutching a bucket, whilst the Lincoln fans walked past giggling like retards.
by moschops April 01, 2003

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A downmarket area of Nottingham.
Radford? You don't wanna live there! There's County fans, and everything!
by moschops April 01, 2003

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