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n. the things on a woman's torso that men love to suck on
Evan hoped that he would have the chance to suck on her baby bottles by the end of the night.
by birthcontroljill April 21, 2006
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Baby Bottling - The act of slapping a person in the forehead with your titty and leaving a mark in the shape of a baby bottle.
Janette slapped Nick in the forehead with her titty while he was sleeping and left a mark resembling the top of a baby bottle.
by NiceAngel November 10, 2018
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A bottle used for urinating while in a moving vehicle, by a baby who can't hold it to the next stop. See also truck bucket.
Randy: Pull over man, I gotta take a piss.
Ethan: No way, we'll never get there if we have to stop for you every five minutes. Just use the baby bottle.
Randy: Oh, right, I forgot about that.
by nowayman2 January 19, 2011
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Slang for beer. Usually used to refer to a person's (who's addicted to drinking beer) beer bottle.
person 1: That's his baby bottle!
person 2: Wait, what?
person 2: Why did you call it a baby bottle?
person 1: Because he could never be without it just like how a baby can never be without its bottle.
by poisonroll January 22, 2018
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