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used to give an affirmative response. Made popular by the British Comedy, Hot Fuzz and
noun. "Do you understand?" "Yaaarp."

verb. "I wonder if anyone will come to my party. I'd better yarp it stat."
by rmm5t September 19, 2008
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Derivative of yup, usually said rather quickly.
"Hey, you goin' to the mall?"
by Cool Breeze June 19, 2003
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The opposite of pray - to get off ones knees and take affirmative action to attain whatever it was you were praying for.
verb. Sally was flat broke and having spent weeks praying for money to no avail she decided to yarp for money. So she found a job ad in the paper, applied for it and a week later took home a pay check.
by Moschops June 30, 2013
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1. n- A small anarchist food cart in Portland Oregon located on 12th and Hawthorne.
2. n- A loud yell by fans of the food cart as they get closer to the food cart.
3. n- Dank food.
4. v- The process by which Yarp?! entangles its customers into returning and eating more.
1. "Went by Yarp?! tonight."
2. "YARP?!"
3. "Wow, that's some killer Yarp?!"
4. "Have you been Yarped today?"
by Space Captain Yarp?! May 28, 2009
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The infinitive form of "yerp", used to express an emotion not definable within the english language, a cross between an affirmative "yes" and a confident flex of "yaaaaaaaa". The only acceptable response to someone saying yarp is a confident response of "yarp."
Guy 1: "Bro we boutta flex on this midterm rn"
Guy 2: "yaaaaarp"
Guy 1: "yarp."
by sliced__bread February 07, 2019
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When you yawn and burp at the same time.

A yarp comes in 3 stages, usually the yawn comes first, then you burp 3/4 ways in, you then finish the yawn.
Person 1: (Makes a Yawing/burping sound or a yarp)
Person 2: Dude did you just yarp?
Person 1: Did I? I hardly heard it....
by FireDart July 14, 2010
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