6 definitions by Monkeyman

A high-class group of young men who are well known for their generous contributions to the education of underprivlaged hispanic children
"The Taco Mafia is by far the best group eva; far better then the asian chopstick mafia."
by Monkeyman November 14, 2003
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The kleenex animal wad on one's bedside table.
The spoogami I made last night looks like a sheep with bad hair.
by Monkeyman March 16, 2004
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Acknowledgement that a person is extemely 'fit' (as in good-looking).
by Monkeyman June 27, 2003
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n. Swashbuckling term for your Jolly Rogerer, can also be used to describe shirt-lifting Gilbert and Sullivan fans. Like there are some that don't
You 'erd abahht that nonce elton john, e's a pirate of mens pants if ever I saw one
by Monkeyman February 11, 2004
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n. Someone who thinks he can write, but can't.
He pretends to be typing something meaningful, but really he's just a plyter.
by Monkeyman August 5, 2003
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The Gameboy Advance SP used by the Pope, for when he's not blessing people. Has been known to cause small miracles, such as turning water into wine and curing diseases. Also known as a Poboy or Popeboy.
"Yo homey, can I use the Poboy?"

The Pope: "Only if the Lord will let you, gangsta
by Monkeyman November 23, 2004
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