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Often argued upon whether a Nazi Zombies is worse than a normal Nazi. These Undead Nazi's can break through concrete , wood planks, and other miscellaneous objects. The typical Nazi Zombie is charred and has part of the skeleton showing. Nazi Zombies can be tamed to some extent. It is unknown, like normal zombies, whether you can become infected from sexual intercourse. Nazi Zombies are still Fascist, and so are frowned upon as pets.
Geoff: I hope a Nazi Zombie doesn't break through this window.
John: I agree, a Nazi Zombie breaking through this window will cause definite doom.
Sam: maybe if we board up the windows with inferior wood, and leave gaping holes, they cant get in!
Nazi Zombie: Nerrrrrrrrrrr
Geoff: Aww Crap.
by Nibbsy November 07, 2009
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A post or pre world war Nazi having defining quantitative properties of that or like zombie. Commonly associated with a revenge to kill everything living including Jews and Blacks. Is also one of the most deadly types of Nazis and has been known to rise from the dead.
"Oh my god Jeff, is that a Nazi Zombie digging it's way out of the ground!" We better run before it eats are brain out.
by Bill Franklin the Third January 21, 2009
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