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2.Playing Football.
1.Sophie:Oooh look at this hickie Ross gave me!

2.Ross:Im gonna go play hickie.
by Mollz January 04, 2004

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Peepz who love their mobiles/cell phones greet them by saying hello moto.
Man: Hello honey, hello kids.
Phone: Do Do Do Do Do Do
Man: Oh yeh, hello moto!
by Mollz January 04, 2004

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1.Chewing Gum
Laura:Can I have some chud?
by Mollz January 04, 2004

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a person who thinks their real but they is just a lump of plastic and says shes got a big bum but shes just got pillows stuck and she also thinks she had a hard upbringing in the bronx when she didnt.
Jlo:'dont be fooled by the rocks that ive got, im still, im still jenny from the block'
Peter Vinney:'ooh thats real cool'
Jub Jub Hill:'its not real or cool, just sum lie!'
by Mollz January 01, 2004

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1. Sure - if you are sure of something
2. Shore - the sea shore
Boberry: Are you shurr you curr bout me?
Staples: Im well shurr!

Boberry: Well then take me to the sea shurr!
Staples: Why dont your boo turk you?
by Mollz July 10, 2004

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u hug sum1 dont ya
i want a hug
by mollz June 20, 2004

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