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1. *To get shurred* is to get teabag by a dirty fat homeless person in the middle of the park.
2. *A shurr* is to participate in gay/lesbian activities in grps of 10 on a bear rug infront of a fire bumming each other with huge dildo strapped around their waists
1. omg, i just got bummed by a homless guy!, ive been shurred again!
2. hey guys ?, wanna shurr tonight *wink*
by shinryu- Gagazet May 28, 2005
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1. Sure - if you are sure of something
2. Shore - the sea shore
Boberry: Are you shurr you curr bout me?
Staples: Im well shurr!

Boberry: Well then take me to the sea shurr!
Staples: Why dont your boo turk you?
by Mollz July 10, 2004
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