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The face you get after you take a moke. A moke is a bongload with tobacco. Also called choppers, rizzles, poison snorkels and WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU HANDING ME?
Damn! Look at that mokeface. I bet he's gonna puke.
by Moke April 8, 2006
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1. Short for "Japanese Domestic Market." This term often means paying your left testicle for a part that you could otherwise order from kragen.
The term JDM has long been used to "one-up" a friend or acquaintance at Krispy Kreme car meets and the likes. By adding a JDM item to your "ride" you are instantly "cooler" than your friend's USDM counterpart.

2. Used to describe how JDM something is, meaning that it is generally RIGHT biased/handed. This comes from Japanese Domestic Market cars mainly having right hand drive, as opposed to their USDM counterparts which are left hand drive.
Ex 1
Takeshi: WOW! That JDM civic sure is awesome! It's right-hand drive!
Raygoku: Indeeda! It's suuuuper dorifto!

Ex 2
mike: dude, I'm so JDM I sleep on the right side of the bed
mike2: yea, well, I'm so JDM I only have a right testicle
by Moke April 14, 2006
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A burger from Jack-in-the-box which contains a constipatingly large amount of cheese, 2 meat patties and of course, bacon, mayo, mustard and ketchup. No tomato or lettuce to speak of. This burger is most commonly consumed by the HOMOSAPIEN BAKEDUS, a nocturnally-feeding animal. Consumption almost always ends up with regret the following day.
Damn dude. Charlie ate that entire Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger. He's gonna shit himself in his sleep.
by Moke October 27, 2006
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Anywhere geographically located near or North of San Francisco bay. In more recent years, Northern California has been referred to as 'Nor Cal', a dismal attempt by a young crowd to compete with Southern California's already abhorred 'So Cal' slogan.
1. n, Northern California is very beautiful compared to the barren wasteland of Southern California

2. n, Northern California is longer to pronounce than 'Nor Cal', but one doesn't sound like an ass.
by Moke July 22, 2008
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