noun: a portion of marijuana somewhat compacted to fit into the bowl of a bong. The size of a bongload can range as small as a bee and as large as a couple pieces of chewing gum.

(If the bowl is overflowing with marijuana, you must call it a domer)
Pack me a bongload, Pancho, for my bong needs loading.
by Androp July 25, 2006
Most famous for issuing Beck-vinyl. Beck's first singles came out on Bong Load. Bong Load sold Beck to Geffen, but were given permission to make LP-issues of Beck's albums.
Hey look its another Beck album on vinyl put out through Bongload Records
by debra's sister jenny October 9, 2007
when you are giving a guy a handjob or blow job then he sticks the end of his dick into the down stem right before he explodes in your face then you suck it up like its the fattest rip ever.
Man Shadawn Moskar took the best Creamy bongload ever last night.
by dew draly May 19, 2009
Kinda roams around freely and collects information about everyone and then forwards said info to everyone who doesn't give a fuck.
Hey bro you need to quit runnin your neck about Brian getting high , start calling you detective bongload.
by Dat White Bitch April 7, 2017
An unatainable combo of two things, used to describe something great.
If i could fly like superman and be invisable, that would be amazing like a cheese covered bongload
by Bonebreak May 11, 2008