In the early 70's it was another slang term for the Police
At football we used to sing (to the tune of Cat Stevens Moon Shadow ), "I'm being followed by a big scuffer" , whenever the police made their presence felt on the stands
by phuxache November 7, 2011
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An amusing victorian phrase for the
the police, the Old bill, the bizzies etc.
'quick bunny old chap let us abscond, the Scuffers will arrive forth-with'
by bigmeuprudeboy September 18, 2003
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A derogatory term for Britains uneducated, peasant underclass. They are known for wearing "prison white" training shoes, "designer" labels, baseball caps, anything with a "Burberry" check (though often not the genuine article), drinking cheap spirits/wines on the street and from a bottle, when allowed inside a pub' they drink pints of lager until they cannot stand at which point they attempt to fight anybody within arms length. They also chain smoke, write in pigeon English, swear at least once every time they open their mouths, spit on the ground regardless of location and waste their lives away milling about shopping malls while complaining how unfair everything is.
Usually applied to males, an equivalent term for females is "kappaslappa."
It should also be noted that Scuffers themselves appear to believe that the word is a compliment and that petty theft and violent crimes are a game.
by Bob February 4, 2004
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Derogatory term: One who shares similarities to vagrants such as mannerisms, smell, meths/White Lightning consumption or behaviour.
That Dave is a right scuffer.
by Mister_Douve May 6, 2003
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What we used to call chavs
Jeez, Yatesy's a right scuffer and no mistake
by Stevatron DX 1000 August 18, 2004
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hegmonic power tool of the state.
law enforcer
then this pig scuffer cunt came up and took the milk off me.
by gavin September 27, 2003
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Speakers, especially being played very loud.
We bumpin' our scuffers.

Thoze scuffers are bangin'.
by Alessandro Marcello April 23, 2007
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