An Abridger is a term used on youtube to describe a user that makes shortened versions of Anime shows, dubbing over the original voices and editting it specifically for humourous effect. The humour usually contains referances to pop culture and satarises the show and even the people who watch it.
GanXingba iz liek my fave Abridger EVERZ!!!!!
by Cyclopian June 26, 2008
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A shortened version of a book, document, etc.
>>Dude don't read that book! you can find an an abridged version of "The Odyssey"(Book) online
by Josh and Sotos November 26, 2005
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He abridged the line by making another line so it can be shortened up
by Trench talk October 24, 2017
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The most hilarious show, ever. They parody DBZ, along with everything else imaginable. Made by Team Four Star, they have, hands down, made pure, solid gold here.
Quotes from DBZ Abridged:
UNCLE RADITZ IS PISSED! *bitchslaps Gohan*

No, my space pod! My space armor!
Response: We get it, you're from space!

Look Vegeta! It's a poke'mon!

by A'kuro Adenn'yciia August 13, 2010
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A clever and funny video created by littlekuriboh. it is superspecialawesome!
Yugioh abridged clip:
Yugi: Give me back my milenium puzzle you big dickweed! Waaaaaaaaaa!

Joey and Triston(sining) We're tormenting you!
by Toorrrmeeennnt! February 22, 2008
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An abridged series is an animation--typically a movie, tv show, or video game-- that is edited to be a shorter and fandubbed, usually for reasons of comedic parody. They are then usually posted on video websites, such as Youtube. The first and perhaps most popular example is the Yugioh: The Abridged Series which was created by LittleKurioh. Abridged series are sometimes created from collaborations, such as TeamFourStars which is doing an abridged series of DragonBallZ.
"Yugioh The Abridged Series is hillarious. It has terrific voice acting, writing, and editing."
"Adamwestlapdog made a funny abridged series on Zelda."
"NeighborhoodClucky's abridged movies awesome."
by imphic August 28, 2008
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A fan-made re-dubbed version of the anime series "Naruto". Made by MasakoX and Vegeta3986, it is a very famous series on YouTube and DailyMotion. It consists of all the characters in the original series, as well as others such as Clucky, The Log, and The One-Foot Tall Brick Wall. Personally a fan, the best characters in the series in my opinion are arguably Gaara of the Funk, Kakashi, and Clucky. If you're a fan of anime, naruto, or just want something to laugh about, then watch Naruto Abridged.
Dude, you should totally check out Naruto Abridged on Youtube, it's friggin awesome!
Dude, don't you mean...EXCELLENT!!!
by Dante The Dead Terrorist January 08, 2008
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