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A Japanese anime brought to America comparable to a combination of Zatch Bell and Lucky Star. The main characters consist of dolls that mostly have useless powers such as growing thin vines and throwing petals expecting to kill their opponents all in order to become "Alice" the perfect girl. One of the characters, Suiginto, uses black angel wings as weapons though uses them to throw specific feathers, litteraly doing nothing to no one. I don't think the perfect girl is a person who can do the most useless in killing tactics and skills.

The show spawned 4 animes/specials: Rozen Maiden, Rozen Maiden Traumend, Rozen Maiden Oveture and "Detective Kunkun" Which all have a promising plot but are about as filler as Lucky star when they really need to throw more aspects in for the 12-14 year old girls who watch it besides the creepy teenagers who watch it for "The hell of it, Desu"
The character Suiseiseki shall forever be a an online "fad" as she is constantly mentioned on sites like 4chan and Fail blog, for being one of the strangest characters a show of that genre would have.
Regardless it's worth a good watch if you ever happen to drop your entire life and girl/boyfriend for the internet or such weerbo things. Just remember to pound your head in before hand for the filler episodes so they seem clever.
Guy 1: "Hey, who's your favorite Rozen Maiden Character?"
Guy 2: "Suiseiseki Desu!
Guy 3: "Isn't that show that prissy doll anime?"
Guy 1 and 2: "Yep"
by Maliki321 March 16, 2010
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