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One of the two main types of manga distributed in the U.S.A. It refers to manga marketed to girls, as opposed to Shounen, which is aimed at boys.

People often assume that all Shojo is romance, but though this is usually the case, it is not always so.

In essence, the differnce between Shojo and Shounen is that while in Shounen the characters exist to further the plot, in Shojo the plot exists to further the characters.
Normally I hate Shojo, but Vampire Knight has enough action to keep me entertained.
by KirtiMiko October 10, 2009
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(manga classification)
literally means "for girls" but is known as girls comics because they depict stories of romantic realtionships and/or drama to generally appeal to females as opposed to its counterpart, shonen
X/1999, Fruits Basket, Mars, Ayashi No Ceres, Fugishi Yugi...
by Javier Guevara March 03, 2005
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(Is it a manga term or what? hm?)
pretty much means "young girl"
the feminine counterpart of shonen
by =^..^= February 20, 2005
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A β€œpop” subculture within Japan that was mainly viewed as adolescent, β€œcute” and female based on pure consumption as a result of a common exposure to consumer products. Emerged as a result of the rapid economic change in Japan that led to the rise of the middle class, and therefore allowed β€œadolescence” to exist. Shojo people were sometimes viewed as sexual objects, but were not sexually experienced themselves.
That's hecka shojo...I don't have an example.
by poogle March 23, 2005
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The most kick-ass person you know. Born in a world of hate, he is neglected by many, and unappreciated by millions. This kid is way better than some bitch ass Russian, and you're either in love with him or gay for him secretly. If you see this kid around, give him a hi-five. Always spelled with a capital S.
Whoa! Dylan is almost as baller as Shojo.
by Artificial Alex December 21, 2009
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