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by MindsEyeTHPS April 9, 2017
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A new breakthrough single by Demi Lovato, it is used to represent the fact that a person doesn't emotionally care on whether a behavior upsets someone or not.
by MindsEyeTHPS August 20, 2017
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An iPhone app dedicated to trading unpopular
handbags for less. Also known for its mysterious hot girl in its commercials.
Guy: "Have you heard of rebagg? You can exchange ya purse for somethin' coola!"
Girl: "I got a gucci purse"
Guy: "goddamn, but rebagg hates popular brands of purses :P"
by MindsEyeTHPS April 9, 2017
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what the constitution shall be renamed to since there is restricted freedom
by MindsEyeTHPS May 30, 2017
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When people think Marvin Gaye is gay
Guy 1: "Marvin Gaye even talks sex on guys..."
Guy 2: "That must mean he's Marvin Gay..."
by MindsEyeTHPS July 16, 2017
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