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The Internet Mafia. First they boss you around and threaten to kick you off and terminate your online account with their TOS "system". Ironically, once you try to leave the service, they keep asking you question after question and other lame forms of excuses and false hopes and promises in a weak effort to make you stay with them. I have also learned, as well as my family, that when you leave the AOL internet service they secretly sabotage your computer and make sure that it is infested with spyware, just as retaliation in losing yet another one out of 40 million customers.
AOL=The Internet Mafia
AOL Head Leader: Hey, I heard the Joneses are leaving are service! Can you believe that they would actually want freedom from our terrible online oppression?
AOL Mafia Henchman #1: Those bastards, how dare they get out of our slow-running internet service with incompetent tech support! LET'S WHACK 'EM!
AOL Mafia Henchman #2: I'll upload the viruses and prepare the spyware files!
by Midwestrn Soldier October 25, 2004

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regardless what other people who call the city "IndiaNoPlace" say, the capital of Indiana is still great. It can't be that bad, as its population has grown steadily, meaning people aren't leaving. The city currently has a population of over 780,000. That's bigger than St. Louis, Omaha, Milwaukee, Louisville, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and EVEN Boston, folks. It has a great skyline in my opinion, and it is growing in the "clean" industry area. For example, they now have several pharmaceutical and software companies. In addition, the city can be reached throught a day's drive by over half of the United States population. The Indianapolis Colts are great football team (They beat the Packers before), the Pacers rock, and IndyCar is way better than that stupid NASCAR. Oh yeah, Indianapolis is not full of a bunch of stupid Midwestern hicks, there are thousands and thousands of successful people within the city with various careers ranging from medicine, industrial and technological, education, etc.
I-town is great, or Indy, or Circle City....
by Midwestrn Soldier October 25, 2004

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the most Southern of Northern States. A lot of people in the Deep South seem to hate us; but many upper Northerners make fun of us as if we are a joke. Well, the latter is quite uninformed. They apparently do not know that we were on their side during the Civil War, as well as about 45% or more of the state population being Unionist, and hating (me) or disagreeing with the idea of the Southern Confederacy today. In addition the "official" Northerners do not realize that Pennsylvanians travelled down the Ohio River to settle much of northern and western Kentucky. Even a few New Yorkers made their new homes in the Commonwealth.
People think that we are the South because they don't realize that there is Southern influence (influence being the keyword) here, which is moderated by the sister states of Indiana and Ohio to the North. Missouri and Illinois are both full of Southern influence and are on a lower line of latitude than us, but they call it the Midwest. Why wouldn't that make us the same.
by Midwestrn Soldier September 15, 2004

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One word that is edited by abbreviated hacker language It can, of course, be used in all the different grammatical forms, including:
Fuk:v. to fuck, adj. used in frustation
Fukin:adj. EX: i hate this fukin school
Fuked:v. to do someone, adj. despair
Fuker:n. someone that you really dislike
A Question: Wanna kno my fukin name
by Midwestrn Soldier October 18, 2004

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the proper way to pronounce "Penguin". This is most commonly heard in Pennsylvania and the Midwest. (It's cute.)
I wanna go to da zoo and see some tigers, gorillas, and pain-gwens.
by Midwestrn Soldier November 14, 2004

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This is another name for "cops" or the "police". It is of hip-hop/rap culture origins, and is one of my favorite words. Hearing this word can often make one laugh as well.
(From Trick Daddy's THUG HOLIDAY)
"....what would I be without my guns? How could I get away from tha po-po's..."
by Midwestrn Soldier October 16, 2004

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A place where you get born, grow up, and leave New York or California. where you get a mind and turn gay.
Mid-America made me gay.
by Midwestrn Soldier March 28, 2005

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