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The hairdo of someone who likes to suck penises.

See the image above.
After I blew Richard last night, I got his man paste stuck in my emo swoop.
by Michael Hunt March 14, 2005

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Phrase to describe something that is extremely ugly, messy, or fucked-up.

What a ten pound pile of shit would look like if stuffed into a bag made to hold only five pounds - shit falling out everywhere.
John Heinz Kerry looked like 10 pounds of shit in a 5-pound bag after his post-election-loss bender.
by Michael Hunt January 03, 2005

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MTV's copycat version of the popular PBS show "Build me a Niggermobile."
Yo beeyotch!! They tooked my '72 Caddy & added a Landau roof & spinners. That she-it is tight, booyyeeeee!!
by Michael Hunt March 30, 2005

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(1) Stupidity in its purest form. Gives dumb blondes everywhere a bad name.

(2) A flea-ridden road whore, second only to Courtney Love in skankiness.
(1) Paris Hilton thinks they sell walls at Wal-Mart.

(2) See any picture of Paris Hilton.
by Michael Hunt January 03, 2005

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A fat girl with small tits
That flatso looks like my uncle Joe with long hair!
by Michael Hunt August 06, 2003

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a ripe, odiferous vagina
that lap flounder would taste better if it was washed first
by michael hunt December 25, 2002

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An unusual combination of non-sequitors and metaphors derived usings a catalyst of nonsense. Ususally posts to message boards.
We would have had a mature, sophisticated discussion, but it was contaminated with tricychloramine.
by Michael Hunt February 27, 2005

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