35 definitions by Mercunium

Ear destroying, two step "music" which is the root of all gun crime in Britain.
I didn't get into the garage club last night cos I set off the metal detector in the entrance. I only had a machette.
by mercunium September 20, 2003
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A typical taxi driver in Birmingham, UK. All the fuckers look like Taliban cunts, hence the contraction of Taxi-Taliban to Taxiban (thanks Lisa)
I got wankered up Broad Street on Thursday and ended up getting bumraped by a Taxiban on the way home.
by Mercunium August 16, 2003
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To bring oneself to the point of ejaculation by rhythmically sliding one's penis between a woman's breasts. See titwank
Fancy egg and chips tonight Dave?
by Mercunium August 13, 2003
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A pizza establishment in Birmingham, England that delivers a mildly warm 16" Hawaiian pizza for £12 and gives you two 9" pizzas free.

The pizzas they deliver more often than not have an additional topping of man custard that comes free of charge.
I'd like a buy one get two free offer please
by mercunium November 11, 2003
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A dildo
Lisa's been stabbing herself with her hotrod all evening.
by Mercunium August 13, 2003
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The "University" of Central England. A shit university in Birmingham that is so bad it looks up to Aston, let alone the superior beings at Birmingham University.
You go to UCE? Aren't they the a-level grades you need to get in there?
by mercunium November 24, 2003
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Having ones legs spread wide apart, usually attributed to a female you is prepared to be penetrated.

May also be used as a general term of a loose woman.
I walked into the bedroom last night to find my missus lying there, legs akimbo, waiting for a meat injection.

Campbell? Yes, she's always got her legs akimbo...
by mercunium December 10, 2003
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