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A powerful weapon combo in the hit Xbox game, Halo 2. To perform it, a player finds a Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle, takes them, charges the Plasma Pistol and fires off a shot at the opponent, instantly making the target lose their shield. Then the player needs only to switch to the Battle Rifle and fire off one shot to the head (or two shots to the body) to get an instant kill on the target.

It is widely used in maps like Colossus and Beaver Creek. Do not judge the combo by its widely-used name, however. It takes skill to some extent to aim the Battle Rifle in the right spot.
Player 1: How did you get 40 kills, Player 2?

Player 2: Noob combo, biyatch.
by Mehro March 25, 2005
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Stands for "Official Xbox Magazine," the official magazine for the popular game system known as "Xbox." The magazine comes with many reviews, previews, a disk with game demos, videos for both released and new games, special features for star games and downloads or game saves.
"Did you catch the review of Halo 2 in the December 2004 OXM? Pretty nice."
by Mehro November 01, 2004
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A weapon in the Xbox game Halo 2 that, when charged to full strength, can deplete a target's shields fully. It is very small and almost useless to use alone, but is one of the most powerful weapons in Halo 2 when used in the right way.

Often used in the Noob Combo.
Player 1: Put down the Plasma Pistol, already! Have pity!

Player 2: Yeah, sure, biyatch.
by Mehro March 25, 2005
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A retarded internet game in which 10-12 year olds play. It involves the kids who go online make their own character and collect "Decibels," which is online money used to buy stuff. With this "stuff" they buy using Decibels they build their own "apartment." They spend time in this wierd old apartment mixing music and designing new Coke materials to advertise - I mean put - in their room. These kids do often try to be funny, and then all the others in the room go "lolz." They often use "1337" talk, meanwhile they have NO clue how to talk 1337 at all. Here's a tip for all the people who go online; get a real life, and don't make one in a fake apartment collecting Decibels and asking Russian waiters to give you a coke.
Actual footage from Coke Music: "OMG u r teh funyn 1 but i am teh moor 1337 h4cer." -Anonymous.
by Mehro July 01, 2004
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A game, usually in RTS games, in which real-life players are pitted against more, less or an even amount of computer-controlled players.

Usually this involves playing the maximum amount of allied human players vs. one enemy computer because the computer is easy to kill when outnumbered. Unfortunately, during these kinds of games, BackStabbers exist, who will wait until the computer is dead, look unsuspicious and then attack the remaining players with a huge force, all under the players' noses.
"I destroyed a comp in a Comp Stomp last night."

"That unsuspicious-looking backstabber killed us all after we killed the computer!"
by Mehro May 12, 2005
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An online mod of Half-Life (and a newer, graphical-focused version being a mod of the Half-Life sequel, Half-Life 2) which is about as addictive as every drug combined to the average PC gamer. It is also known to be the one game that has the ability to convert one hardcore console gamer into a full-time PC gamer within a few hours of play due to its sheer addictiveness.

The game pits Counter-Terrorists against Terrorists in a tactical shooter environment, though nowadays it is seen by the average gamer more as a pure shooter game with a simple goal: kill your opponents, then work as a team. Many see the community as a bad thing because of this. They also are stereotyped to use numbers in every sentence, a.k.a 1337 speak.

To this day, Counter-Strike alone has generated more Internet traffic than the entire country of Italy.
Steve: Thanks for getting me into Counter-Strike, Andy. Now I'll never be able to pick up Halo 2 again!

Andy: N0w 1t pwns j00r s0le.

Steve 10 Years Later: CS is tearing my life apart -- but I love every minute of it.
by Mehro May 17, 2005
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A weapon in the Xbox game Halo 2 that acts as a mid-range rifle. Very powerful when shot at the target's head. It resembles the Classic Halo 1 Pistol, only it is much larger, bulkier and requires more skill to use to full extent.

Often used in synchronization with the Plasma Pistol in the Noob Combo.
Player 1: What the hell? All I saw was a couple of bullet streaks and I died. Cheater.

Player 2: It's called the Battle Rifle, biyatch.
by Mehro March 25, 2005
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