137 definitions by Megan

when your driving somewhere and u make a wrong turn and u end up in the middle of nowhere and all you see is trees or farmland and you don't know how anyone could or would wanna live there, you, in fact, are in east jabib.
im lost in effin east jabib!
by megan September 28, 2004
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A school bus or coach in which a band, (usually marching band, but possibly wind ensembles, concert or symphonic bands or even possibly jazz ensembles) rides in to various band related activities, competitions, etc.
The drumline got drunk on vodka with orange juice and smoked weed in the back of the band bus, causing Mr. Rothchild to have an enema.
by Megan April 03, 2005
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It is a southern word used for over there or back there.They tend to use it quite often.
#1: I'm going over yander.
#2: Gotcha.See you over yander in a few I guess.
by Megan October 18, 2004
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a really kick ass girl who is NOT a slut, is very nice, outgoing, and intellegent. Ursuline is not full of snobs, we simply are well off. we are very easy to get along with, and love to have a good time. get to know us!
do you know that girl, katie?
yeah shes so sweet and preppy!
she goes to usruline
by megan April 07, 2005
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A Finnish Love God who brings the romance back into rock.
Listen to his albums--- nothing else has to be said.
by Megan May 09, 2004
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sweet, awesome, narly, mondo, rad
I met these boys in florida, they were totally stokey.
by megan October 20, 2003
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sex god. a hero. very talented man.
sssoooo hot, want to touch the hiney!
by megan June 18, 2004
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