One of the best and worst parts of having any form of popularity on the internet. This applies to videogames, movies, youtubers, artists, porn, and basically everything else.

The fanbase is the sum total of all a persons fans good, bad, and otherwise.

While the positive portions of the fanbase often outweigh the negative it can become irritating for yourself and others when your own fans are constantly harassing another persons fans or each other for essentially no reason.

Fans provide the vital service of spreading your name around for others to hear and come to enjoy your stuff much in the same way religious fans never shut up about how you should join there church and talk about there imaginary friend in the sky.

On the other side of this idea however you have the fans who spread your work like the crusades, by destroying, demeaning, or getting butthurt over everything/one remotely similar to your own work.
The Pewdiepie - Ubernovahaxor fan wars in a nutshell

Pewdiepie Fanbase: Ubernovahaxor copies everything pewdiepie does

Ubernovahaxor Fanbase: Pewdiepie copies everything ubernovahaxor does.

The Nerd VS Critic years

The nostalgia critic fanbase: The nerd is a copycat of the Critic cause the critic started first

The Angry videogame nerd fanbase: The critic is a copycat of the nerd cause the nerd stated first

The critic and the nerd: ???
by Blarny December 30, 2013
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A typically stereotyped group of people that loves a certain thing very much, such as the Sonic The Hedgehog, FNaF, Anime, etc. fanbases. Yes there is quite some trash in there but there are mostly pleasant people in most cases.
Type A: "I like this show. I should get more involved with the fanbase."

Type B: "oH My GoD MiNeCrAfT CrEePeRs NeEd To Be HoT AnImE GiRlS"

Type C: "Meh."
by Dorkwadd June 21, 2018
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A murderer that has gotten away with many murders... it killed tons of victims.. Undertale, FNAF, Bendy... and many more... it is no longer just cringe... it is a murderer
by wenisses February 3, 2018
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Me: Undertale seems cool, ill check it ou-
Undertale fanbase: I SImP fOR UNDynE
Me: Time to run the fuck away.
by MCDJSD360 November 3, 2020
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India's biggest chutiya actor Akshay Kumar's fanbase is called as Gawar fanbase.

This chutia kuli fans have spoiled the purity of Bollywood. They are just like their idol Akshay Kumar, Criminal minded & Chutiya From canada.
Why are you so rude? Are you from Gawar Fanbase ?
by rj_rajib March 17, 2020
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Fans of non actors like SRK & Akshay Kumar are described as Gawar Fanbase
Perfect example of Gawar Fanbase.
SRK fans : India is known as SRK's country
Akshay Kumars fan : Akshay is an Indian
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The dudes who follow Jarvis Johnson, Really Good Upcoming YouTuber, Should Blow up at some point
Ayyy, Unnamed Fanbase am I right
by L_for_Lone March 26, 2019
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