11 definitions by McKenzie

Spec. used by teenagers

1. n. A less serious form of love

2. abr. Short for love
1. I luv u gurl

2. Text Message: hey baby cu l8r, luv bob
by McKenzie January 22, 2005
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Spec. south london slang

v. To testify in court
"If you test then you die"
by McKenzie January 22, 2005
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Spec. south london ghetto slang

n. Homies or friends that big you up in any way

from. Spreading the word
"My spreaders got me a rep up in Soho."
by McKenzie January 22, 2005
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n. Nice / expensive trainers or sneakers
ie. Nike Air Force Ones
"See the new Nike's? Those are some hot units..."
by McKenzie May 20, 2005
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agreement. Used by gangs and crews to describe a relationship with another gang or crew, it means that the crews are cool with eachother, but if one does somethin to the other then they will retaliate.
You shit on me, I shit on you
You put a hit on me, I put a hit on you
Eye for an eye nigga
Survive the shots or die nigga
~G-Unit // Eye for an eye
by McKenzie February 2, 2005
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Liking people of the same gender and people of different genders
This definition is needed because some people believe bi- means only men and women.
but people who are bisexual can be attracted to people of all ganders just like a pansexual
I'm bisexual and I like men, women, and non-binary people
by McKenzie July 12, 2015
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v. to postpone payment of drugs until a suitable date
I arranged to meet Ronnie to buy some weed, but I didn't have any money, so he let me tic for it...
by McKenzie February 28, 2005
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