a place where yo would be more likely to get shanked than in prison
by bigpedo January 13, 2020
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"You've got some work down in South London? Don't forget to pack your sword and shield."
by MajorMajorMajorMajor January 27, 2015
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The area of London south of the river thames. just as nice as north london (depends within) but people pretend it doesnt exist. Also is badly served by the tube cuz of lazy buggers at TFL. Also, west of the A20 the roads are crap except the A3.
(IN London)
Person 1: lets go to Greenwich, South London
Person 2: What?
by Anonywave August 16, 2009
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A syndrome which develops when a South Londoner is out of South London for too long.
It causes them to go on a rampage of tendencies associated with South London stereotypes.
They may begin to stab people, steal, threaten people and many other things (unprovoked)
Common among people from Croydon and Brixton especially.
"Did you hear what happened to Abdi the other day? He got sent back to Kennington cos of his South London Syndrome."
by London07 August 12, 2018
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A hot towel, of the cheap microwave variety given free to patrons of Indian restaurants to wipe their fingers after a delicious meal. In South London, users forego cleaning their hands and instead rub it straight on the face - the closest they ever get to a sauna.
Hi, can we have three more large Cobra - and any chance of a South London Sauna? I'm sweating Vindaloo here, mate.
by Number1BadBoy December 20, 2010
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He is a british person from south london with a really thick cockney accent and is only good at stabbing people with homemade knives.
South london kid is stabbing people again
by Balle mannen November 28, 2022
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South west London ... ahhh do not be shocked if girls give you dirty looks don’t be shocked to see nittys looking through bins and shouting at each other. Boys in south west London “aye yo you got a fat back uno” happened to me a couple of weeks ago . Groups/gangs of boys will stare at anyone is loud and doesn’t give a fck if someone scary they are fighters. But in south west London there is some nice buildings . If you come to south London try hide your self or fit in by going to jd.
by Isidks September 13, 2020
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