Someone who remains sober, or gets less intoxicated then other members of a party during the comsumption og alcholic (spirits) beverages. Designated so to provide guidiance and keep everyone else from getting into trouble, ie arrested, hooking up with a ex or an ugly person.
Person 1:" yo bro, why you getting so wasted, your suppose to be my spirits guide tonight."

Person 2: "sorry bra, looks like your taking this spirits quest alone."
by azrel9 June 18, 2012
a spirit that guides you to good energy and positive vibes in spirituality, you can meet them by doing meditations or lucid dreaming (there is only a small chance you will get to see your spirit guide in a lucid dream)
Friend: Yo! I just met my spirit guide last night! They were very pretty, and it was surely a pleasure meeting them.
by MMarrss March 24, 2021