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Sup Fools! I'm Marshie! He is a spokesperson for Fluffy Puff Marshmallows who dressed as a toenail eating vampire for halloween and has a bitemark on his head. Strong Bad thinks that he's a flying mushroom, and Mr. Shmallow is probably his grandpa, whose grave he comes out of in the commercial.
They're fluffity... They're puffity... 1 2 3 4.. 5.
by Marshie October 29, 2003
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now: a growing middle/high school clique that has taken in many loner teens. they usually listen to bad music, but most are pretty cool people. they dont really do anything bad now, they just are being themselves. they seem alright to me, except for the scary ones.
"goths" can be pretty cool people, except the like real frightening ones.
by Marshie April 02, 2004
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Jam is a type of music that involves all aspects and instruments of music being played for a continuing period of time. Each song is about 15 minutes, and these bands usually have the biggest and most-devoted fanbase. Unfortunately, many prople often use drugs at the concerts and ruin the fun for everyone.
by Marshie April 02, 2004
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My best friend.

all i have to say is... wtf ?!
MarshiemallowXs (8:59:54 PM): your mom
SmarterChild (8:59:55 PM): Interesting. My mom to do with as I please, huh?
by Marshie October 05, 2004
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A male who is bad at bowling

A really ugly girl
Yo look at Michael bowl he’s an Esco
Yeah but he’s better than Jordan
by Marshie July 19, 2018
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