18 definitions by Mariah

To use before insulting a male or female.
"here's a fun fact.........

You made out w/ your sister man!"
by Mariah March 20, 2005
A band that no-one buys the CDs of, but if they hear the song on the radio, they'll sing along. They won't be remembered, but it was fun while it lasted.
I was gonna get The Vines CD, but I saw something better. Such is life...
by Mariah August 1, 2004
1. A sexy male ( or female, mosty males) you have the hots for.
1. " Dude! look at Riku he is my bishie!"
by Mariah December 30, 2005
An expression meaning "cool", known only within the VC.
Korin: Man that is so tmooshe.
Becca: Yeah dude, so tmooshe.
by Mariah December 6, 2004
Baba- someone special, sounds like: Baby except with an a.
Hey baba, whats up?
He's my baba!
by Mariah March 3, 2005
United Soviet Socialist Republic

Beatles song, "Back in the USSR" gets stuck in my head often.
You don't how lucky you are boys, back in the USSR.
by Mariah August 1, 2004