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To use before insulting a male or female.
"here's a fun fact.........

You made out w/ your sister man!"
by Mariah March 20, 2005
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Rollover minutes is when You dont you all your minutes on your cell phone, and the left over minutes go to the next month
"dude, you have a todal of 50 minutes left for this month. If you dont you use them jeff, the minutes will rollover to next month
by Mariah November 7, 2004
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Another word for "Drinking Fountain" Used Mainly in Wisconsin and New England.
Timmy: Can I get a drink from the bubbler?
Teacher: I don't know, can you get a drink from the bubbler?
Timmy: Why do they always do that?
by Mariah July 25, 2005
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Jane said to her friend Carol "lick my hooie!"
by Mariah March 20, 2005
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Baba- someone special, sounds like: Baby except with an a.
Hey baba, whats up?
He's my baba!
by Mariah March 3, 2005
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1. A sexy male ( or female, mosty males) you have the hots for.
1. " Dude! look at Riku he is my bishie!"
by Mariah December 30, 2005
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An expression meaning "cool", known only within the VC.
Korin: Man that is so tmooshe.
Becca: Yeah dude, so tmooshe.
by Mariah December 6, 2004
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